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Private Walking Tour Rotterdam

Walk with us in Rotterdam and discover the long history this modern city offers. Rotterdam began as a fishermen’s village 800 years ago! With the ideal location on the big rivers of Europe, Rotterdam was an industrial and trading power until the city center was destroyed by Nazi bombs at the start of WWII.

Showing the town’s true resilience, Rotterdam was rebuilt from its ashes into one of Europe’s most impressive skylines. Join a Guided Tour of Rotterdam to dive into the history, get around like a local and gaze at the unique architecture of our ‘Dutch Manhattan on the Meuse River’.

*Guided Walking Tour Rotterdam is suitable for all ages, wheel-chair friendly (please notify us) and dog-friendly

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If the tour is shorter, do I get a discount?2023-01-05T13:55:54+01:00

No. Happy to explain;

Our guides are paid per given tour, not at an hourly rate. For this reason, we can’t give a discount if the tour is shortened or altered in any other way. We believe that our prices are fair and competitive, plus the guides also have to travel to & from the meeting point and are unable to take other shifts on the half-day of your tour.

We advise not to shorten the tours, two hours for a walking tour is a perfect time to get a quality tour at a relaxed pace. If you still desire to do it in less time, we are happy to give you the best tour possible in the requested time slot.


Can I get a discount or commission for booking a tour?2022-12-19T05:26:50+01:00

Instead of giving discounts, we offer our tours at competitive prices. We are transparent about these costs; they are required to cover our expenses for offering a quality tour.

We don’t work with commissions, as an independent tour company we work without affiliates, sponsors or commission-based travel agents. This is how we keep our prices competitive and our recommendations honest.

Can we choose our own date & time for the tour?2022-10-27T13:11:54+02:00

You can request a tour on any time & date. We will schedule our guides and confirm with you.

  • If you want to book on a Saturday, we advise you book more than a month in advance. We can’t guarantee availability on Saturdays on short notice, especially not in Amsterdam.
  • In the rare case that your requested date & time is unavailable, we will suggest multiple alternative options.
How do I pay for the tour?2022-10-11T17:43:44+02:00

After you have submitted a tour request in the booking form, you will receive a confirmation with a payment link.

Our system support the following payment methods:

  • iDeal
  • Credit card
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  • Bancontact

After payment, you will receive a confirmation with an automated invoice.

If you prefer to pay per invoice, please request it in the form with the required details. Payment per invoice is offered with an additional administrative fee of €4,50.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?2022-10-11T17:37:11+02:00

Fill in the form and it will be sent to us. We aim to answer your request within 24 hours.

  1. We will find the perfect guide(s) for your specific group and process your requests.
  2. You receive a confirmation of the details and a link for payment.
  3. After payment, your booking is secured and you will receive an automated invoice and confirmation.
How many people per guide?2022-10-28T12:29:31+02:00

For Amsterdam tours, local regulations state limit us to a maximum of 15 people per guide in Amsterdam. For a group of more than 15 people, we schedule multiple guides. The restrictions are strictly monitored by the municipality, exceeding the maximum per guide may result in a fine and us losing our license.

The other cities have no legal restrictions. However, we feel we can offer our best service with groups up to 20 people per guide in Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Utrecht & Delft. For a group larger than 20 people, we schedule multiple guides.

This way we can maintain the quality that our visitors deserve!

Can I change/cancel my reservation after booking?2022-10-11T17:21:05+02:00

You can cancel your reservation up to 14 days before your reservation free of charge. If you want minor changes for the tour, like the meeting point or number of people, just send us an email.

Walk Like A Rotterdammer

The people of Rotterdam are known for their work-hard/play-hard mentality. They boast a resilience that manifested when the city was rebuilt from its ashes after the WWII bombing of May 14th, 1940. Find out where locals eat & drink, which places to avoid and about Rotterdam’s passionate rivalry with Amsterdam.

Plunge Into The Port Of Europe

Starting out as a small fishermen’s village 800 years ago, Rotterdam soon grew into an international transport hub due to to its strategic location at Europe’s major rivers. Walk along the ever-running industrial machine that is Rotterdam harbor.

Surf The City’s Unique Skyline

With its unique cityscape, Rotterdam boasts some of Europe’s most impressive buildings. On our tour, we will cover some of the city’s prominent landmarks:

  • The futuristic Markthal (Market Hall) with its special structure, where our tour starts & ends.
  • The 15th century St. Laurens Church, one of the few pre-war remainders in the city center.
  • Find out who Erasmus of Rotterdam was and why the Erasmus Bridge and our university were named after him.
  • The peculiar Cube Houses, tilted from conventional construction and from practical use.
  • And many more!

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