Private Alternative Tour Amsterdam

Private Alternative Tour Amsterdam


This tour shows you a different side of Amsterdam,

Highlights of this tour are:

  • Indept Drug story from Amsterdam
  • RedLight district story
  • Houseboats
  • Amsterdam in the hippie times
  • Street Art and counter culture
  • Drug history and future
  • Liberal Amsterdam and a lot more.

This is a culture tour that shows you why Amsterdam is the most liberal city in the world.



Experience Amsterdam from a fresh perspective on our captivating Alternative Tour.

Step away from the bustling crowds as we venture into the lively streets of Jordaan, where we unveil the fascinating tale of how Amsterdam earned its reputation as the vibrant hippie capital of Europe.

Discover the ethos of free love, free bikes, and free houses that shaped this extraordinary city. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Amsterdam as we walk, talk, and joyfully jest about Dutch history and counter-culture, allowing you to truly feel the essence of being an Amsterdammer.


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