Do's & Don'ts In The Netherlands

DON’T turn up unannounced

Hospitality is very important to the Dutch, although it doesn't compare to cultures from around the world. Since we run busy schedules, visiting a friend unannounced usually ends up in an awkward conversation on the doorstep. Make sure to call or message your friend when you are in the neighborhood, when they are prepared you [...]

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DO rent a bike

If you are feeling confident enough to defy the red path (the color of the Dutch bicycle lanes), renting a bike is the way to go! It gives you much more mobility inside the city than a car and is much more cost-effective; free parking and no petrol costs. Bike rental companies can be found [...]

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DON’T be late

The Dutch are notorious for their punctuality, yes, we like things on time. Whether it's gathering for a tour, catching the bus or even meeting with friends, turning up past the appointed time is taken as a serious insult. Our time is valuable and we tend to have busy schedules, making planning essential. Take these [...]

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