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Where does the tour start?

In every city, all tours start and end at the same point. Below are the designated meeting points of our tours, in case you wish to start or end in a different spot please notify us. Amsterdam (all tours) | Dam square, in front of the National Monument Rotterdam | Front entrance of the Markthal, [...]

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Can I bring my dog on the tour?

We love dogs! Your furry friend is very welcome on all of our tours, you will find that the country is very dog-friendly. Make sure to prepare yourself when going out and joining our tour: Bring sanitary bags to clean up after your pooch. Keep your dog on the leash at all times. Ask people [...]

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How long are the tours?

Our walking tours are around 2 hours long, although we advise to schedule an extra half an hour after the tour if you want to plan a full day. This leaves room for people to chat with their guide after the tour and possible questions. The tour time can be extended at request, just let [...]

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Are the tours only about history?

No tour is history only. We always explain more about culture, lifestyle and modern day life in Amsterdam. We try to give you an experience of how history needles like a thread into current day culture, without losing the knot by telling you what you can find on Wikipedia. On top of telling you the [...]

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How long is the tour in distance?

The standard Guided Tours of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Utrecht & Delft are a little over 5 kilometres long, or around 3 miles. The Alternative Tour Amsterdam covers a little under 5 kilometres, or around 2.7 miles. The Dark Side Tour Amsterdam is a little over 5 km, or around 3 miles. The Food [...]

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