About The Netherlands

Is it the Netherlands or Holland?

Great question! The correct name of the nation is 'The Netherlands'. This comprises the whole country and its 12 provinces. The name Holland is originally used exclusively for the two provinces in which most of our major cities are, North-Holland & South-Holland. However, more recently people use both Holland and the Netherlands exchangeably and we [...]

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Where to get money & how to spend it

Currency | The Dutch valuta is the euro, assigned with the € character. Before the euro became in effect in 1999, we paid with the Dutch guilder. ATM | Bank machines are widespread, however it is possible to pay with credit/debit card everywhere. Taking cash from the ATM is usually quite expensive with added transaction [...]

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Getting around in the Netherlands

The country has a comprehensible road connection, that is well-supported by Google Maps and most smartphone applications. Here are the most common ways to travel between and through cities: Rental car | Most rentals will come fully equipped with a GPS system, although an old-fashioned road map will also do the trick. Get one at [...]

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Drugs in the Netherlands

Marijuana & Hashish Despite what you may think, cannabis is not really legal in the Netherlands, but tolerated. This means that coffeeshops are allowed to sell it but they are not allowed to buy or produce it themselves. On the tour we explain in detail how it works. For now: the possession and purchase of small [...]

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The weather in the Netherlands

Weather is the number one conversation topic in the Netherlands. Ask any Dutchmen about the weather forecast and there is a very big chance he can tell you in detail. This is because in the Netherlands we have about 145 days of rain a year. The weather in Holland varies much and nothing is for [...]

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Is it safe in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in Europe and apart from some petty crimes, you can generally enjoy being out on the streets at any time of day. The Safe City Index 2015 Amsterdam granted it the 5th position in the list of safest cities in the world. Though you can buy marijuana [...]

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