The country has a comprehensible road connection, that is well-supported by Google Maps and most smartphone applications. Here are the most common ways to travel between and through cities:

  • Rental car | Most rentals will come fully equipped with a GPS system, although an old-fashioned road map will also do the trick. Get one at the local VVV (tourist information office) or at any petrol station.
  • Public transport | There is hardly any place you can’t reach in the Netherlands with its extensive public transport connection. Trains, buses, trams and even ferries are sure to bring you to your destination. Plan your trip here.
  • Rental bicycle | Bikes can be rented in any city center, usually around major train & bus stations. Make sure to always lock your bike when you leave it, one of our safe country’s most committed crimes is bike theft!
  • By foot | Of course, walking is the way to go. Most Dutch tourist sites are easy to explore by foot and the city’s usually have all places of relevance within walking distance.