A 100% fact, made famous in the car conversation between John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Tarantino’s 1994 ‘Pulp Fiction’. When it comes to mayo, the Dutch like to dip deep. A portion of fries is not just a side order in the Netherlands, but rather considered honest and simple street food from a patatzaak (fries shop). Here are some variations to top your portions of golden potato nibbles with:

  • Met (Literally: ‘with’, a ‘patatje met’ adds the most elementary condiment of mayonnaise)
  • Speciaal (Lit.: ‘special’, a serving of mayonnaise and ketchup or curry gew├╝rz, topped off with onion sprinkle)
  • Oorlog (Lit.: ‘war’, a bit colonial in its approach, nonetheless a tasty mix of brown peanut sauce and, you guessed it, mayonnaise)