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Let us show your group around Amsterdam. Our Dutch local guides will keep your group entertained and engaged for 2 hours in the open air museum called Amsterdam.

We have different tours so there is something for everyone.

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Historical Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s beautiful inner city is basically one big open-air museum and therefore perfect to discover by foot. On this 2-hour tour, we cover the total history of Amsterdam with all its highlights, like the UNESCO Canal Belt, the Red Light District, and the history of the Jewish Quarter!

You feel the history as you walk in the same streets as people did for 800th. We start at the dam square where it all started. From there we take you to a time travel along with the 80-year war, 17 century (golden age) to World War Two, and finally the radical hippies in the 70th and till today.

The Historical Tour Covers:

  • The Founding Of The City
  • Amsterdam’s Golden Age
  • The Story Of WWII
  • History Of The Red Light District
  • Soft Drugs Policy
  • Amsterdam Today & Future

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide)

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Vibrant Street Art Scene

Alternative Tour Amsterdam

You may know that Amsterdam is nowadays very tolerant of prostitution and marijuana, but the interesting thing is that it has not always been this way. With this Alternative Tour, we tell you how Amsterdam transformed in the 1960s from a Christian, conservative city into the “Magic Center” of counterculture, a transformation into the openminded city that we know today.

From here, we will explore how the toleration of marijuana and the squatting movement were born. The big question is: are the fifty years-old solutions to these issues still applicable today?

Further, the tour covers the beautiful UNESCO canal belt, street art and lots of funny “did-you-know’s” about Amsterdam. Come and experience for yourself why people live in the houseboats, what the difference is between a coffeeshop and a smartshop, get to know how Amsterdam became a bicycle city and discover the other Red Light District known as “bondage alley”!

The Alternative Tour Covers:

  • UNESCO Canal Belt
  • Street Art
  • Houseboats
  • Squatting Subculture
  • Legislation Of Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms
  • Bike Culture

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide)

Educational Tour Amsterdam

Visiting on a school excursion or with a group of youngsters? The Educational Tour is the way to walk! In this tour, we focus on Amsterdam’s cultural and historical background, without the guides making their stories too long & boring. Learn about Amsterdam’s spectacular growth in the 17th century, some hidden places that we will visit and how many bikes are fished out of the water every year!

Amsterdam today is a city full of students and there are some great places to hang out or get an affordable meal. Join our tour and find out why our city is the best place to learn about Dutch history, how to enjoy eat your fries in the Netherlands and how to stay in the biker’s fast lane without serious injury.

The Educational Tour Covers:

  • Student Life In The City
  • History Of Amsterdam
  • A secret, hidden, catholic church that offers the tale of the religious wars in the 16th and 17th century
  • Dutch Culture, Food & Bicycles
  • The Museums Of Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam’s Golden Age
  • Amsterdam Today & Future

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide)

Food tour Amsterdam

Food Tour Amsterdam

Yes, it should be admitted that Dutch people are not the most creative people when it comes to dinner food. Smashed potatoes with Brussels’ sprouts and meatballs is perhaps the only meal that can be classified as typically Dutch. However, we have a bunch of sweet candies and salty delicacies that make a perfect food tour! Taste the famous and delicious Gouda cheese and try our traditional Dutch cookie ‘’stroopwafel’’ on this 2-hour walking tour. Don’t be scared when you hear that we eat our herring RAW (!!!). The bones and the organs of this tiny fish are removed and it tastes really, really good.

Yes, we do a lot of tasting on this tour, but it also includes stories about the historical and cultural background of the dishes. Learn about the annual auction of the “first barrel of herring”, what kind of sauce we eat with our fries, and discover how many cookies Dutch people offer you at home (if they offer you some at all). If you want to take a light and fun tour and learn something about the local culture, our Food Tour might be perfect for you!

On The Food Tour, We Sample:

  • Herring
  • Poffertjes (Mini-Pancakes)
  • Dutch Liquorice
  • Bitterballen
  • Of Course, Cheese!

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide) + €10 Food Coverage per attendee

Photo Tour

Join this Free Walking Tour on an interactive photo tour, with Amsterdam as a backdrop. Explore the city through the lens of your camera, while we stop at well-known city monuments, as well as more surprising spots that offer a great setting for stunning pictures. After making plenty memorable shots, we show you how to edit your picture into the perfect upload. Learn about framing, filters and how to use your smartphone’s built-in features. Cut, crop and color your images to perfection, making memorable posts to remember your visit to Amsterdam.

The InstAdam Tour Covers:

  • Capture Professional Shots With Your Own iPhone Or Android
  • Learn The 5 Golden Rules Of Photography
  • Photogenic City Landmarks
  • Hidden Spots Of Photographic Interest
  • Create Your Own Social Media Content

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide)

Anne Frank Tour Amsterdam

At popular request, we launched this tour in January 2023 to tell the story behind the pages of the world’s most read diary. Discover how Amsterdam became the Jewish capital of Western Europe and why the Frank family and many other Jews migrated to the city. Walk past the crumbled remains of the darkest period of modern history and behold the monuments that honor its heroes.

This tour focuses on Amsterdam during WWII and how it was affected by German control. We tell you the stories of the rise and fall of the Jewish community and those of the heroes that literature has left unsung. Take a glimpse into the life of Anne, where she would play and went to school and why her memoires have become so historically relevant.

This tour can be a perfect addition or a great alternative to visiting the Anne Frank house, since it is not included in this tour.

On The Anne Frank Tour, We Cover:

  • The story of the heroes of WWII
  • The rise and fall of the Jewish community in Amsterdam
  • Important monuments
  • Life of Jews during the war and today

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide) 

Dark Side Tour Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam’s dark side, where history meets horror and buried urban myths rise from the grave. Not just a ghastly ghost tour, we show you that the actual events of Amsterdam’s ominous past are much more horrific than a cold spot in a dark alley. Visit the places where ghost sightings were reported, to find out the real stories behind the urban myths of Amsterdam. Find out why the gallows were located at the docks, for arriving sailors to see the public execution of criminals and discover how witches were persecuted in medieval Amsterdam. Hear stories about nuns digging up old graves and orphaned children being taken over by an inexplicably demonic force. Book your spot at a Free Dark Side Tour Amsterdam, or the untold truth will haunt you forever!

The Dark Side Tour Covers:

  • Urban Myths
  • Torturing & Executions During The Middle Ages
  • Historic Anatomy Lesson
  • Witch Hunts
  • The Tale Of The Anabaptists
  • The Possessed Orphans

Price: €190 per guide (max 15 people per guide)